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6 Facts to Start Repairing your Credit and Getting your Credit Score

1. A satisfied judgment does not remove the item from your credit report by law (that’s not to say you can not get lucky and still get it deleted) satisfied or released judgments simply mean that they are paid. 2. Three credit reporting companies may treat people slightly differently according to geographical location, this may have to do with the state laws. 3. FAKO scores are the fake/generic scores for your credit report, FICO (Fair Isaac & Company) scores are a standardized scoring system, more like the real score a potential lender would see. (there are different FICO scoring models, its hard to know which one different lenders use) in short a FICO should be much closer than any FAKO in helping you to know your credit score. 4. You cannot order FICO scores from http://www.myfico.com with a fraud alert on your credit reports. 5. You can order a FICO score directly from either TransUnion @ https://www.transunioncs.com/ and from Equifax @ https://www.econsume...ward=cps_detail You cannot get a FICO score for Experian except through myfico.com 6. You can report yourself to a bureau, be careful not to accidentally dispute an item from one reporting company with a different company who does not report the item, it may be added to your report as a result of accidental disputing with the wrong company.