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Find out Today's Most Searched Terms on Google

To Find out today's most searched terms on Google visit:




Most Searched Things On Google 2010-2011

Here are top 5 keywords which are being searched on web these days:

1) Google: Being the biggest and fastest search engine which can give you the information about everything besides this Google has gmail (fastest e-mail service), blogger (which made easy for you to create blogs and earn money), AdSense (which has made the earnings easy), AdWords (which has opened the easiest ways for advertisers to advertise in the internet world) and many more things. These things make Google most searched keyword.


Reducing Drupal Comment Spam and Blog Spam

Spam—we all hate it and it’s not just for email anymore, hello Drupal comment spam.

To determine what is effective at preventing Drupal spam, I decided to run a little case study when I redesigned this site and the following are the conclusions I drew from trying a number of different combinations:


Drupal Captcha Module; Math and Image Captcha

First, to enable Captchas you need the captcha module. Don't get fooled by the documentation stating it requires textimage module. It doesn't. Instead it serves simple, text based captchas. I personally prefer text based captchas over image based, since they are a lot less error prone, and they are accessible to (color)blind people, too. Additionally, as I will explain later on, image based captchas can as easily be bypassed as text based ones, so they don't provide additional security.


Top Ten Best Antispam Drupal Modules

In an effort to prevent spam on your Drupal website, I've identified 10 modules built specifically for spam protection.

Descriptions taken from each module's Project Page


A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human. The purpose of CAPTCHA is to block form submissions by spambots, which are automated scripts that post spam content everywhere they can.


Increase your Search Engine Ranking and Drive more Traffic to your Website

In order to have a higher search engine ranking, you need a lot of webpages outside your site with good articles linking back to your site. Now you can achieve this goal with w3courses.com by creating an account with W3Courses.com and posting your content as articles with a link back to your site at the bottom of each article.

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Save YouTube Video in MP4 and FLV Format

You can save YouTube Video in MP4 and FLV Format from


Just copy the YouTube rl and paste it at savevid.com and then click on the FLV or MP4 download.


How To Remove Google Buzz Link From Gmail

 There is a Google Buzz link just below the inbox link in Gmail. If you don’t use Google Buzz, you may want to remove it from the Gmail interface.

Note that even if you remove Google Buzz from Gmail, you’ll still be able to access it from your iPhone and your Google Profile.

Here’s the procedure to turn off Google Buzz from Gmail,


How to Delete your Jobstreet Account

Congrats and best wishes for your new business. If you don’t want to get notified about new jobs matching your skills, then deleting the jobstreet.com account is a good idea. Its very easy to delete your jobstreet.com account. Here’s the procedure,

Login to jobstreet.com. On your jobstreet homepage, click on My Account. Then click on Delete Account link on your Account page.

Delete jobstreet.com Account


How to Download all the Images From a Webpage in a Single Click

You may want to download all the images from a webpage for several reasons. If you are a web designer, you may want to download all the icons from a webpage. Or, if you are downloading wallpapers from a webpage, you may want to download all of them in a single click instead of saving each wallpaper one by one.