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Best Fat Burning Activities

Taking the stairs or parking far away

This shouldn't be your only cardio activity, but the results will definitely add up. Instead of the escalator or elevator, take the stairs. Get in the habit of parking your car at the back of the lot so you have to walk farther. Try taking 15 minutes of your lunch to walk. It all adds up to more burned calories every day.


It requires no special skill and you can do this on your way to the grocery store, workplace or to pick up your kids at school. Some people who make it a habit to walk daily for long distances wear headphones and listen to music to help kill boredom. However, you must challenge your body each time. You can do this by walking faster, taking long distances or doing it for an extended period of time, so your workout matches that of your fitness level as it increases.

You should try to turn your walking into "power walking," because in order to really burn the calories, you have to significantly increase the intensity. You can also do this by adding hills or walking intervals of differing speeds. This is an activity that can be done any time of the year, even while traveling. Therefore, it is the easiest exercise to stick with for a lifetime. If you walk at a brisk pace, you can burn around 180 calories in just a half-hour.

Using stair & elliptical machines

Stair machines are still very popular and the newer elliptical machines are also great. The elliptical tends to be more of an all-around workout, especially if the machine has moving arms (this makes it quite similar to cross country skiing). These machines are also beneficial for runners who want to protect their joints from impact, and they're a great way to add variety to your routine. These machines burn around 300 calories per half-hour.

Rock climbing & rowing

Want to get a great upper body while getting in the cardio, too? Then rowing and climbing are for you. Both activities require great upper body strength and give you the cardio activity you need to burn fat. Try either of these and burn anywhere from 300 to 380 calories every 30 minutes. You do need special equipment for the climbing and a rowing machine (or a lake!) for rowing.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is an awesome cardio exercise and calorie burner. It utilizes both upper and lower body, making the heart rate soar. On average, a half-hour burns a whopping 330 calories. Best of all, as most gyms have good cross-country machines, you don't need snow to do this activity.

Cardio kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing can pack quite a punch when it comes to cardio workouts. As an added benefit, many classes include some strength and flexibility exercises. You can burn 300 to 500 calories per class, depending on the intensity level.


This is another fat burning exercise which is good at increasing your heart rate, and working out your lower body muscles. Compared to walking, jogging enables you to blast more fats in less time. However, it is not as safe as walking, which many fitness experts say is the safest and most effective form of a fat burning exercise. If you pick jogging, make sure you got a good pair of running shoes to protect your feet. Also, start slowly at first, increasing your intensity over time.


Whether you use a stationary bike or a real one that hits the road, biking is a fun, safe and effective fat burning exercise. Of course for this workout, you need to invest in a bike. But compared to all the other workout equipment, a bike is clearly much cheaper, and you can also use this as a transportation that not only saves on gas, but also burns off your excess fats.


Submerging yourself in water makes you lightweight, that’s why swimming provides for a minimal resistance and low impact fat burning exercise. If you don’t know how to swim, either get swimming lessons or simply join a group of people attending swimming aerobics.

Jumping Jacks

It may sound like you’re just playing a game or having fun. But no one said that fat burning exercises can’t be as fun and simple as doing jumping jacks or jumping rope. It increases your heart rate, it makes you sweat, and all those impact makes your bones absorb calcium so much better. But this fat burning exercise is not recommended for those with knee problems, or injuries to any part of the lower limb.

Lifting weights

The actual activity of weightlifting only burns a moderate number of calories. But nothing puts lean muscle tissue on your body better than weightlifting; and nothing burns fat better than lean muscle. In fact, every pound of muscle burns 5 to 6 calories per day, 24/7. Therefore, over the course of a year, 10 pounds of new muscle will burn off at least 5 to 6 pounds of fat! Just keep your calorie intake the same and watch the fat disappear.

If you haven't been exercising regularly, it's important to talk to your physician before starting any new program. It's also important to calculate your target heart rate while exercising and make sure that you are within your ideal range. You can find yours by subtracting your age from 220 then multiplying that number by .60 and .85 to find your high and low ranges. Also, find out about getting your body composition tested so you know how much fat you are losing, rather than just how much weight you are losing. That is the only true way to chart your progress.