In order to manage story points in a Sprint, it is first crucial to understand the capacity.

A story point is a high-level estimation of complexity involved in completing a User story, not just amount of work.

Story Point is a unit of measure of work effort required to complete a product backlog item or any piece of work.

Story Points are high-level estimates of work effort involved in the User Stories. It is important to note that Story Points are based on work effort, not the amount of work.

Windows includes a Free screen capture or screenshot tool that is very useful.

There are four ways to take screenshots with the Windows Snipping Tool. We will go over each one of these options to explore what each functionality offers.

There is no option to assign a shortcut key to Snipping Tool form the Interface. To assign a key, follow the steps below:

Large-Scale Scrum is used to extend and expand the Scrum teams with scaling rules and guidelines to implement scrum on a broader scale without losing the original purposes of Scrum.

Scrum of Scrums is a method to operate in areas of overlap and integration among teams.

Scrumban is one of the hybrid methodology developed by combining Scrum and Kanban. Both Scrum and Kanban have limitations, however my combining Scrum and Kanban, these limitations are eliminated.


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