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How to Add Meta Tags in Html (Author, Robot, Description and Keywords)

Meta tags have many properties. The most common ones are author, robots, description, and keywords.  Meta tags should be added in the head section of your html page.

The Author property contains the name of the author of the page.

The Robot property contains whether the page can be indexed by a search engine or not. content="index" means index the page and content="noindex" means not to index the page. content="follow" means that the search means can follow the links in the page and content="nofollow" means the search engine cannot follow or visit the links.

Contains the brief description of the page. Should be les than 100 characters to make it compatible with most search engines.

Contains all the keywords separated by commas. No single word should be repeated more than three times as some search engines treat it as spam and penalizes spamming. The number of keywords should not exceed more than 20 in order to be compatible with all search engines.

Following is the sample code to enter the meta tags in the html file.

<title>Html > Html Programming Tutorials, Problems and Solutions</title>
<meta name='Author' content='W3courses.com'>
<meta name='Robots' content='index,follow'>
<meta name='Description' content='Html Programming Tutorials, Problems and Solutions'>
<meta name='Keywords' content='Html, Html Programming, Learning Html, Problems, Solutions, tutorials'>