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iPhone 5 Shape: What will iPhone5 look like?

The Wall St. Journal’s recent article regarding the new Verizon iPhone offers an exciting suggestion about what the iPhone 5 will look like.

Most likely, the exterior of the iPhone 5 will be driven by a larger touch screen. Many iPhone users are calling for a larger, Adroid-like screen. With Apple purportedly answering this call, the next iPhone 5 could feature a large, vanishing-edge screen that has no bezel or plastic around the screen at all. In addition, I’ve also heard from a source of mine (an ex-executive at Oracle who knows Jobs personally), that Apple is ultimately seeking to drive the iPad and iPhone into becoming one device;  something larger than the current iPhone that is more iPad-like in design, but with mobile phone-like functionality.

If this is the case, then expect the iPhone 5 to perhaps become the “missing link” to whatever Apple sees at their next-generation mobile device. Bigger. More screen-oriented. More “iPad’ish.”