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iPhone 5 vs Droid Features and Comparison

iPhone apps are also proprietary and controlled by Apple’s quality control team. And aside from a “jailbreaking” hack job, even your mobile service provider is Apple-controlled.

Now, with rumors of the iPhone 5 growing in voracity each week, the promise of a new iPhone model is bringing to light some new realities about the iPhone 4′s performance in the marketplace against Apple and Steve Jobs’ new nemesis, the Droid.

Lots of bloggers and tech journalists are nudging Apple to “Droidify” the iPhone 5 by giving it a bigger screen, citing the iPhone’s current 3.5″ screen to be too diminutive to peruse the newer apps and interfaces available on the iPhone 4. And recent rumors suggest that Apple will indeed bump up the size of the screen.

But is it possible that we could see a more “open” iPhone 5 as well? Droid users are increasing exponentially, and many of them are coming over from the iPhone side of the battle.

And it isn’t simply because the screen on Droid phones is a little bit bigger.

So, will we see a “freer” iPhone 5? Probably not. After all, whenever we talk about the iPhone 5, we are really talking about “Verizon’s iPhone 5.” And as far as apps and other pripherals are concerned, don’t expect Apple to give up their grip over the iPhone experience too easily. After all, the way they do things is ingrained in their business model and, for the most part, it has been a hugely successful model.

But eventually Apple will have to take a hard look at the way it administrates its iPhone community, and take heed of what Droid culture offers that they cannot