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Les Stroud the Survivorman is Fake! Many Clips Created to Gain Viewers!

There are many discussions and debates out there surrounding if Survivorman is fake or not. Closer inspection reveals that there is some truth to the show but many clips are faked to make the show more interesting and gain viewers.

First does Survivorman Actually Film The Show By Himself?
Yes! he does. Many has questioned, is there actually is a film crew shadowing Les Stroud? Anyone who has actually watched the show knows that Les makes many comments about his film and safety crew. The truth is, yes, they actually do leave Les alone once they drop him off on Day 1. So what about all those extra shots and editing that seem like there is no way Les Grabbed those pictures?

Les himself describes in this Behind the Scenes Video that the job of the film and safety crew once they drop him off are to get beauty and nature shots. After all they are filming a show and alot of these shots get mixed and spliced and edited into many of Les's shots to help give the show more visual appeal.

Does Les Cheat and Go to Hotels each Night?
No, he actually spends 7 days alone. There is one website out there suggesting that in the Lost at Sea episode Les went back to a hotel each night after filming, which has lead many to discuss that survivorman is a entirely fake but there is no evidence supporting the claim.

So, What is Faked?
Les Stroud gets intense training on the terrain before he is dropped somewhere. He meets the locals, gets to know the edible plants, animals like snakes nearby and even spots some and goes back to the same place to shoot. In the Australia episode he sits under a tree which is allegedly occupied by snakes due to snake nests. Later it is shown that Les Stroud actually checked out the tree before hand and knew there were no snakes before being under it. He shows that he did not know and was lucky that there was no snake to add suspense to the show and gain viewers. Just like Mermaid Documentaries, do not believe everything Animal Planet and Discovery Channel shows you. Not everything you see on TV is real. Many clips are edited and faked to make them more intense and entertaining to gain viewers.

Most of the clips in Pawn Stars and Naked and Afraid are faked to make it more interesting as well. Learn about it by click on the links.