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The Lone Ranger Review - Worst Flop of 2013

The Lone Ranger

U.S. gross: $48.9 million (over five days)
Foreign gross: $24.3 million (over five days; number of territories unavailable)
Total gross: $73.2 million

Reported budget: $225 million

Image by Disney Enterprises, Inc. / AP

With a reported budget of $225 million, the revisionist Western has a loooong way to go before breaking even, it has grossed only 30% of it's budget.

The Lone Ranger is officially a box office train wreck. After five days in theaters over the 4th of July weekend, the big-screen remake of the 1950s TV Western has pulled in an estimated $48.9 million.

Movie theaters keep roughly 50% of the total box office take, meaning a film has to at least double its production budget before it can break even — and that’s without factoring in marketing costs, which can stretch between $30 million to $60 million or higher. So while The Lone Ranger will likely surpass the total domestic take of 2013 flops like Jack the Giant Slayer and After Earth, its comparatively astronomic production budget means it has a much larger mountain to climb before ever coming close to making Disney back its money.