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Meaning of Different Colors of Roses

Flowers are among one of nature beautiful things, with diverse variety and colors. We send and receive flowers on different occasions e.g: Wedding, funeral, birthdays and the list go on. Roses are among such species with alot of colors and each has its meanings as well. Have you ever thought on the meanings of each color of roses and when should they be send.

Each color of rose not only differentiate itself from its same species but has its own meaning, so let’s have a look at each rose color and its meaning.


Red Roses Meaning:
Red Rose is a symbol of Love. Presenting a Red Rose to someone means to say “I Love You”.

Black Roses Meaning:
Symbol of sorrow, losing something, farewell, death and break ups.

Lavender Roses Meaning:
Used to show “Love at first sight”.

Blue Roses Meaning:
One of the most fabulous rose colors, they are used to praise someone.

White Roses Meaning:
Symbol of innocence, peace, purity and loyality.

Pink Roses Meaning:
Symbol of appreciation, admiration and elegance.

Yellow Roses Meaning:
In old times the yellow roses were the symbols of jealousy but now it is symbol of friendship and welcome.

Orange Roses Meaning:
Orange roses are used to show your passion and excitement towards someone.

Peach Roses Meaning:
Peach Roses are sent as a message of appreciation, sincerity and thankfulness.

Dark Red Roses Meaning:
Used to praise your loved ones’ unconscious beauty.