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Mermaids Documentary by Animal Planet Fake! Shame on Animal Planet!

Animal Planet released two documentaries on mermaids: Mermaids The Body Found and Mermaids The New Evidence. Both documentaries are later described as mokumentary or docufiction. The “scientists” interviewed in the show are actors, and there’s a brief disclaimer during the end credits. This is a shame on Animal Planets. These documentaries fooled millions of viewers. Twitter conversation surrounding the show (#Mermaids) revealed that many viewers are unaware that the show isn’t real.

This is a shame on Animal Planet. People watch Animal Planet and Discovery to gain knowledge and learn about nature. If Animal Planet and Discovery Channel can make fake documentaries about Mermaids, what else are they capable of? What else is faked to gain viewers? Survivorman? Naked and Afraid ....... and Even Planet Earth??? Where do you draw the line now? What do you believe in and what you don't? This was a very foolish decision made my Animal Planet to air the Mermaid Documentary.

Most of the clips in Survivorman, Pawn Stars, and Naked and Afraid are faked to make it more interesting as well. Learn about it by click on the links.