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Michael Phelps to Compete in London Olympics 2012 for USA Swimming team

Phelps will lead the lines at the USA Swimming National Championships, which starts on Tuesday, where he will be aiming to secure a spot on the US team for August's Pan Pacific Swimming championships, at the same venue in California, and the 2011 world championships in Shanghai.

"I think this summer is important for me both for next year, but also leading into London," Phelps told the Baltimore Sun. "To be able to set up an event program that we can try a couple times before we go to London, and see what works, and see what event program works, I think this is going to see where we stand.

"I can already say there are going to be a lot of things we're going to have to fix in order for me to be as prepared as I want to be not only for next summer but also going to London.

"I think it's going to be exciting for me to be able to rest and compete against the guys who are competing for spots on the world championship team next year and also the Olympics".

Phelps has struggled to find his consistency this summer, notably in the freestyle where he was beaten in both finals at last month's Paris Open meet.