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Michael Phelps London Olympics 2012

Look out London, Michael Phelps is coming to the 2012 Games and he’s thinking about adding events to his repertoire.

“I am looking forward to trying some new events, some events I’ve never really had the opportunity to swim since my schedule is always so crowded,” Phelps said Sunday while taking part in the British capital’s handover celebrations.

Phelps, fresh from the Beijing Olympics where he won a record eight gold medals, said he’s never competed in a backstroke event at a major international meet or in the 100-meter freestyle.

“No breaststroke, no distance swimming, no open water swimming,” Phelps said. “At least those guys will still be my friends.”

The 23-year-old American also confirmed that the 2012 games will be his last Olympics.

“I’ve never wanted to go beyond 30,” he said. “I may go a few years beyond the Olympics. I said to my coach, ‘Don’t get any ideas because I don’t want to compete beyond 30,’ and he said, ‘That’s good because I don’t want to coach you past the age of 30.’”

Phelps said he was enjoying his celebrity status, but deflected suggestions that the rock star treatment could distract him from being as dominant in 2012 as he was in 2008.

“If you’re having fun, that’s really all that matters,” Phelps said. “You can still do everything and still be successful. You can do anything and everything. One of the biggest things I’ve learned over last four years is that anything’s possible.