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Naked and Afraid Survival Discovery Channel TV Show Real or Fake?

Not everything you see on TV is true! Naked and Afraid new Reality Survival TV Show is considered ‘Everest of survival challenges’ where contestants are stripped of even the clothes on their backs and dumped in a dangerous wilderness to fend for themselves with no help. But a woman, Kim Shelton who appeared on Discovery’s new hit series Naked and Afraid was allegedly given help without viewers being told.

Kim Shelton was fed some bread, rice and baby food when she got food poisoning after eating a turtle's liver during the show’s premiere, a source close to the show has claimed. The 22-year-old was apparently even hooked up to two IV drips - one in each arm - to rehydrate her while she was ill. While no-one would argue with giving Miss Shelton the medical care she needed, many may raise an eyebrow as to why the four million who watched the show weren't told.

Much is kept secret and situation are created to make the show more interesting and things hidden to gain viewers.

More than 4 million watched the first installment of Naked and Afraid with Kim Shelton and Shane Lewis trying to survive in the Costa Rican rain forest for 21 days and all viewers were decieved.

Just like Mermaid Documentaries, do not believe everything Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, or History Channel shows you. Not everything you see on TV is real. Many clips are edited and faked to make them more intense and entertaining to gain viewers.

Most of the clips in Survivorman and Pawn Stars are faked to make it more interesting as well. Learn about it by click on the links.