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Parenting and Favoritism

Most parents are not willing to admit that they show favoritism among their children. The fact is almost every parent with two or more children are guilty of showing favoritism. Parents tend to favor the child that is most like them. One of the best things a parent can do for their children is to celebrate what they love about each child. Listen to the needs of each child and treat them all the same. Parents should also never compare siblings to each other. Parents need to reward and treat their accomplishments individually.

Parents should get their children involved in different activities. This way each child has a chance to shine individually and they also will each have their own group of friends.

Parents need to go out of their way to make sure their middle child is not feeling neglected. The middle child's thoughts, opinions and needs are just as important as the other children in the family.

1. Always be affectionate, even if they try to push you away, they really want it!

2. Spend quality alone time with your middle child.

3. Take time to listen to their problems, disappointments, hopes, and dreams.

4. Take an interest in their activities.

5. Tell them that they are important.

6. If they try to distance themselves from you, tell them that you know what they are trying to do and it won't work because you will love them anyways.

7. Do not point out there bad qualities and ask them why can't they be more like their brother or sister.

8. Do not let them hide behind their sarcasm, anger, or bad attitude. This is just a cover up for a deep longing to be loved!

9. Be patient with them, they are good at controlling situations and lashing out to protect themselves from their self imposed barrier.

10. Last and most important, tell them that you love them, hug them and then when they test your patience, do it again!