Story Points

Following are top five best practices I personally follow to assign story points to User Stories

So, rather to see my readers make the same mistakes, I have outlines the following so you can save yourself some trouble.

1. Using Wrong Values for Story Points

Story Points should be used in estimating work effort required to complete a task rather than m

Based on the priority and dependency, assign user stories to a Sprint totaling upto the capaci

Hour based estimation is a low-level calculation used to represent the actual amount of work in man hours required to complete a user story.

Calculating Story Points for User Stories is not simple or straight forward since the estimates depend on the complexity, not the amount of work.

I have been asked many times why not to use linear sequence.

A User Story creates a simplified description of a software development requirement. The user story describes the type of user, what the user wants, and why.

While estimating work using story points, a point value is assigned to each item.

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