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Summer Olympics 2012 in London

A year from now, the world will once again experience a grandiose event that has been known to encapsulate millions, if not billions of people. The Summer Olympics 2012

will be regarded as a memorable one as London promises to provide the best state-of-the-art venues for all the sporting events. Edging out Paris in the final bid, London proved that it is one of the most capable cities to host the Olympics. From July 27 to August 12, the city will be buzzing with fans all around the world. And for such, London has made its stride towards making itself a favorable host.

Unlike its predecessors, London has mostly focused on the more basic part of the event, which is transportation. In recent times, the biggest problem that the Olympic committee has had with regards to the venues is that the fans and athletes seem to always have a hard time getting to the arenas. This time around, London wishes to remedy this problem through much more efficient yet eco-friendly ways. The Summer Olympics 2012 will be greeted with new cycling lanes, additional railways and rearranged traffic routes, all making for easier paths towards the venues. In addition to that, London has encouraged its visitors to engage in using public transportation by giving away free fees for everyone who has purchased tickets for the event. This way, people will not have to bring their own vehicles plus they won’t get lost easily, since the public transportation have the directions covered.

Along with their advancements in transportation, the Summer Olympics 2012 in London also boasts of being staged in one of the biggest and grandest Olympic park ever, with a seating capacity of over 180,000. It may not match that of what Beijing has hosted, but it is still enough to house all of the facilities. The accommodations for the athletes and well-regarded visitors will be placed near the said park so as to avoid any travel problems. And speaking of accommodations, the Summer Olympics 2012 in London promises to provide 100,000 hotel rooms, with the prices ranging from extravagant to economical.

All in all, you will see a recurring trend in these games. The Olympics in London aims to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. Most of the materials that will be used in the games will be made of recyclable materials. Along with that, the reduction of water usage and carbon emissions will also be part of the plan.

The city of London is an ideal place to host the Summer Olympics 2012. With its rich tradition of sports and a eco-friendly goal to boot, the city is the best place for the games.