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How to create Related Articles or Relevant Content section in Drupal?

If you want to create a block or a section on your site listing related or relevant content based on the current node the user is viewing, you can install the Relevant Content module.

Relevant content lets you list related content on the right or left side of your website as desired based on the content the user is currently viewing on the site. (Requires Views Module).

Download from: http://drupal.org/project/relevant_content


How to Create a Custom URL for a Facebook Page?

To create a custom url for a facebook page, go to


Select your page and click Check Availability button.

It will turn your page from something like


Source Code to Create Simple Linked List in C Programming

Following is the source code to create a simple linked list:

struct node_struct
{  int data;
   struct node_struct *next;


Source Code to Create Linked List Kernel (car, cdr, cons, empty list, printlist, readlist etc.) in C Programming

Following is the source code to create a Linked List Kernel (car, cdr, cons, empty list, printlist, readlist etc.)

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>

int checking = 0;                   
typedef int boolean;
typedef char data;


How to Create a Reload Button which will Reload the Webpage upon Clicking using JavaScript

The following code will add a reload button to your webpage. This button will reload your webpage when clicked.

Place the following code in the body section of your webpage where you want to display the button

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Reload" onClick='parent.location="javascript:location.reload()"'>


Create Close Window Button using JavaScript

Use the following code to add a button to your hml page which on click will close the browser window for that page.

<input type="button" value="Close Window" onClick="window.close()">

<a href="javascript:window.close()">Close Window</a>


Create an Add to Favorite link using Javascript

You can create a link named Add to Favorites and when a user clicks on it, the link will prompt the user to add your site to their favorites. Use the following code to implement this solution:


<!-- //Hide From Old Browsers

/* Do Not Remove the Following Line
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How to create a Stored Procedure in SQL Server 2000

In order to create a stored procedure in SQL Server 2000, please follow the following steps:


How to create an article approval or workflow system in Drupal?

If you want your registered users to be able to create and submitand do not want them to appear on your site without your approval, you can achieve this from drupal core out of the box. Just set the default to unpublished in the desired content type by clicking on Administer > Content Management > Content Types.

Click edit next to the conten type you would like to adminsiter, expand workflow setting and uncheck published. Whoever you give the administer nodes permission can approve them and make them published.


How to Create a Forum in Drupal

The Forum core module lets you create threaded discussion boards, called forums, on your site. This is similar to a message board system such as phpBB. Forums are very useful because they allow community members to discuss topics with one another, and the discussions are archived for future reference.

Topics, or threaded discussions, are posted to a forum. Each topic is comprised of an initial post and replies, or comments. Forum topics can have their own URLs.