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The Great Khali: Profile, Bio, Career & Accomplishments

Ring name(s) Giant Singh
The Great Khali
Dalip Singh


How to Delete your Shaadi.com Account or Profile

Its very easy to delete your shaadi.com account/profile. Here’s the procedure,

Log in to your Shaadi.com account, and go to My Shaadi > My profile. Then click on Hide/Delete Profile link under this section. Now, click on delete profile.


Creating a list of Favorites for Users to show in their Drupal Profile

Download and enable the flags module


Flag module is very customizable because it is more flexible and you can integrate it in views.

In order to create a tab in Users's profile, that will lsit their favorite nodes:

  1. First create a view
  2. Select the fields you want
  3. Select an argument uid and connect it to currewnt logged in user
  4. Create a page called user/%/favorites