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Palm Reading: How to Read Palms and Major Lines

The palm generally consists of the Major Lines, Secondary Lines, and Minor Lines. 

A palm with numerous fine lines in addition to the Major Lines indicates a rather complex, sensitive personality that is especially vulnerable to outside influences and worries. In general, the fewer the lines, the more straightforward a person is. These people live their lives in a more direct and simple manner. 

The Major Lines:


Palm Reading: Which Hand Should You Read?

One of the first questions people ask concerning palm reading is: Which hand do you look at? The answer is: Both, and It depends. 

Students of palmistry distinguish between the active and passive hand. A right-handed person's active hand will be his or her right hand; and the left hand is considered the passive hand. Similarly, a left-handed person's active hand is the left hand; and his or her passive hand is the right hand.


Source Code for Writing to and Reading from a File in C Programming

Following is the three different type of source code for writing to and reading from a file using C programming

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
   char c;
   FILE *fpntr;
   fpntr = fopen("textFile","r");
   while(fscanf(fpntr,"%c", &c)==1)