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How To Remove Google Buzz Link From Gmail

 There is a Google Buzz link just below the inbox link in Gmail. If you don’t use Google Buzz, you may want to remove it from the Gmail interface.

Note that even if you remove Google Buzz from Gmail, you’ll still be able to access it from your iPhone and your Google Profile.

Here’s the procedure to turn off Google Buzz from Gmail,


How To Cancel or Remove a PayPal Subscription

Login to your paypal account, and click on the Profile link. Note that you have to click on the Profile link itself, just ignore the drop down links.

On your profile page, look under the Financial Information and click on the link that says My pre-approved payments.


How to Remove Breadcrumbs from your Drupal Theme

To remove breadcrumbs from your Drupal web site you’ll need to remove a few lines of code from the page.tpl.php file that came with the theme. The location of the breadcrumbs varies depending on the theme; the lines of code to remove from page.php.tpl are as follows:

<?php if ($breadcrumb): ?>
<div id=”breadcrumb”>
  <?php print $breadcrumb; ?>
<?php endif; ?>