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Text Message

How to Data and Text Message usage on AT&T form your Phone

Check your remaining data and text message usage

1. Dial *DATA# (*3282#) on your phone.
2. Press the Send key.
3. Within seconds, a breakdown of your remaining data usage will be delivered via text message to your phone screen. The remaining data usage will be broken down by type.

This will let you know the number of text messages that you have left, but it is important to be aware that this can be behind by a couple of days (and usually is). It is a useful tool to get a rough idea of where you are on your usage.


How to Check Minutes and Text Message usage on T-Mobile from your Phone

To check minutes, dial #646# from your phone.

To check text messages, dial #676# from your phone.

For more accurate information you can call customer service by dialing 611 from your phone, but this will take a great deal more time and effort.