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How to Add Comments in the Html Code

Comments can start with <!-- and end with -->. Comments can be inserted anywhere in the html code. Any text entered between the comment blocks will not show on the html page. Comments can be seen by viewing the source code of the html file.

 Sample Comment Code
 <!--  Type comments between these blocks -->



Enter Moving Text on Html Page with Marquee Tag

Moving text in html can be added in the Marquee tags. Following is an example of adding a moving text in html.

<marquee>This text will move </marquee>


How to Add Meta Tags in Html (Author, Robot, Description and Keywords)

Meta tags have many properties. The most common ones are author, robots, description, and keywords.  Meta tags should be added in the head section of your html page.

The Author property contains the name of the author of the page.


Html Tutorials and Common Tags - Crash Course in Html Programming

How to make a Html file?
Html file can be made using FrontPage or Dreamweaver. If you do not have any of these softwares, you can use notepad to make a html file. Open Notepad, write Html code in it and click file, then save as. In the filename field enter "anyname.html" in quotes and save.


Adding Lists in Html Code

Lists can be added in html programming by using the following source code

Ordered List
<ol>  <!-- starting -->
         <li> first  </li>
         <li> second  </li>
</ol>  <!-- end list -->


Adding Background Sound or Music in Html Page

Background sound or music can be added in a html programming using the following code

<bgsound src="path/filename.wav">

Looping for a number of times.
Replace n with a number

<bgsound src="path_to_file/filename.wav" loop="n">

Looping infinite times

<bgsound src="path_to_file/filename.wav" loop="infinite">