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Sexual Health

Workout to Make Breasts Bigger

We must, we must, we must increase our bust! Exercise" — elbows bent like chicken wings, pumping back and forth, back and forth! We all got what Mother Nature intended, whether it was a perky petite pair or a full buxom set.


How to Have Fun with your Breasts During Sex?


Some women don't take the opportunity to relish their breasts during sex (or solo sex), especially if they're self-conscious about their cup size. But guess what—all women, regardless of bra size, have the same amount of nerve endings and feel an equal amount of pleasure--and experts say boobs can grow up to 25 percent bigger when aroused.


Do Thongs Create Vaginal Yeast Infection?

That thin strip of fabric may save you from the dreaded visible panty lines, but it also serves as a superhighway for microbes. When the underwear hits your perineum (the patch of skin between the vagina and the anus), bacteria hitch a ride straight to your vagina. A thong is actually a connector. As you move, the fabric shifts and before you can say "Monistat," you've got a yeast infection.

To make matters worse, thongs tend to rub, causing tiny tears in the delicate skin around your vulva and clitoris, creating access for microbes.


Can you Loose Sex Drive from Using Birth Control Pills?

It is possible to loose sex drive from using Birth Control Pills. Without birth control, your levels of estrogen and testosterone soar mid-cycle to boost your libido just in time for ovulation, however birth control pills interfere with that.


Do Birth Control Pills Cause Weight Gain?

It is possible to gain weight from Birth Control Pills. However, It could depend on your prescription. In 2011, researchers at the Cochran Database System Review analyzed 49 studies that compared a variety of birth control methods with placebos and found no evidence that hormonal birth control causes weight gain.


Do Birth Control Pills Cause Blood Clots?

It's true, being on hormonal birth control may put you at a slight increased risk of developing a blood clot. However, the risk of getting a blood clot when you're pregnant is way higher than getting a blood clot while on birth control.


Can you Use Emergency Contraception Plan B as your Primary Form of Birth Control?

It is not a good idea to rely on Emergency Contraception such as Plan B for pregnancy prevention. For one thing, at about $50 per dose in your local pharmacy, and you may experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and irregular periods within a day or two of use.


Do Birth Control Methods or Pills Cause Infertility?

No, birth control pills or other methods are not linked to cause infertility.

However, If you only want to delay pregnancy for a few months, steer clear of the birth control shot, Depo-Provera: It can take up to 10 months for fertility to bounce back once you stop the shot, but it will return. The reality is, the day after you quit taking most birth control types, it is possible to ovulate and conceive.



Are Women Least Likely to Get Pregnant Right After their Period?

Unfortunately, women can get pregnant anytime in their cycle, even if they are on their period. This is because women can save the sperm for long duration of time and use it when the next cycle starts. 


What to do If Your Birth Control Ring Pops Out

You have a three-hour window to wash the ring and pop it back in before you need to use backup birth control like condoms. If it's been more than three hours and you're in the first two weeks of your cycle, wash it and put it back in, then use backup birth control for the next 7 days.

If you're in the third week of using the ring and it has been out for more than 3 hours, toss it. You can insert a new ring immediately, but since this starts a new cycle, you'll likely miss your period or have some breakthrough bleeding.