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New Features in the New iPhone 5

Apple had a hit with the iPhone 4, despite some controversy. With the approach of 2011, however, the question becomes what features will end up in the next iPhone.

Apple’s annual iPhone refresh has become a calendar-marking event in the tech world, surrounded by weeks of intense scrutiny as tech blogs and pundits dissect the new device’s hardware and software capabilities. Each new iPhone attracts millions of buyers, further reinforcing the company’s position in the smartphone market—despite increased competition from the likes of Google Android.


Verizon will soon get iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

According to the latest Bloomberg report; Verizon Wireless should start selling Apple’s iPhone in January. With the release of the new iPhone 4, this could be a smart move. Even with all of the negative feedback lately on the antenna issues and shattered screens, people still want an iPhone.  AT&T is all that stands  in the way of huge masses of people from switching to an iPhone. The bad part is that users will have to choose from the Droid X or the iPhone 4 which are both great phones.


iPhone 5 vs Droid Features and Comparison

iPhone apps are also proprietary and controlled by Apple’s quality control team. And aside from a “jailbreaking” hack job, even your mobile service provider is Apple-controlled.

Now, with rumors of the iPhone 5 growing in voracity each week, the promise of a new iPhone model is bringing to light some new realities about the iPhone 4′s performance in the marketplace against Apple and Steve Jobs’ new nemesis, the Droid.


iPhone 5 Shape: What will iPhone5 look like?

The Wall St. Journal’s recent article regarding the new Verizon iPhone offers an exciting suggestion about what the iPhone 5 will look like.


How To Remove Google Buzz Link From Gmail

 There is a Google Buzz link just below the inbox link in Gmail. If you don’t use Google Buzz, you may want to remove it from the Gmail interface.

Note that even if you remove Google Buzz from Gmail, you’ll still be able to access it from your iPhone and your Google Profile.

Here’s the procedure to turn off Google Buzz from Gmail,


How to Delete your Jobstreet Account

Congrats and best wishes for your new business. If you don’t want to get notified about new jobs matching your skills, then deleting the jobstreet.com account is a good idea. Its very easy to delete your jobstreet.com account. Here’s the procedure,

Login to jobstreet.com. On your jobstreet homepage, click on My Account. Then click on Delete Account link on your Account page.

Delete jobstreet.com Account


How to Download all the Images From a Webpage in a Single Click

You may want to download all the images from a webpage for several reasons. If you are a web designer, you may want to download all the icons from a webpage. Or, if you are downloading wallpapers from a webpage, you may want to download all of them in a single click instead of saving each wallpaper one by one.


How to Delete your Naukri.com Account or Profile

Unfortunately its impossible to delete your Naukri.com account. However, you can still stop them from sending you the job offers and other promotional email. To do this, just disable your profile on Naukri.com. Here’s the procedure,

1. Login to Naukri.com and then click on My Naukri > Profile Visibility.

Delete Naukri.com Account


How to Integrate Google Adsense And Google Analytics

Google recently rolled out this feature where you can get the data from your adsense account into your analytics control panel. By analyzing various stats in the analytics control panel, you can optimize the ad placements properly to increase the revenue.


Creating a list of Favorites for Users to show in their Drupal Profile

Download and enable the flags module


Flag module is very customizable because it is more flexible and you can integrate it in views.

In order to create a tab in Users's profile, that will lsit their favorite nodes:

  1. First create a view
  2. Select the fields you want
  3. Select an argument uid and connect it to currewnt logged in user
  4. Create a page called user/%/favorites