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How to create your own watermark for Phonora Photo Gallery?

This feature is only included in the Professional and Enterprise edition. To create your own watermark. Admins can edit one of the provided watermark files and upload to the server. Photoshop version of the files are provided with the product for making edits easily. For example:


How to enable Facebook Like and Comment plugin in Phonora Photo Gallery?

You will need a facebook account to enable Facebook Like and Comment plugins on your site.


Phonora Photo Gallery: How to translate photo gallery text to another language?

Phonora Photo Gallery have language support for few languages. However, it is very easy to translate the gallery to another language. All you have to do is edit one file.


CuteNews WishList: Following Features will make CuteNews Robust

Category Hierarchy: Have an ability to create Subcategories under each category. Then have the ability to post articles to each category and subcategory. A four level down category (Parent category, category, Subcategory, Section) would be a nice feature but a two level is must.

List categories: Ability to list all subcategories under a category.

List Articles: Ability to list all articles under each category and subcategory.


Add a BreadCrumb to the Article/News Full Story in CuteNews

The purpose of adding a breadcrumb is to let the users know how deep they are in your website. In order to add a breadcrumb to Cute News script, follow the following steps:


Add Meta Tags and Keywords to the Article/News Full Story in CuteNews

Place the following code in the begining of the php file which is displaying the news for your website:

$fetchtitle = "W3courses.com";
$fetchcat = "Category";


How to Add a Search Engine Box in CuteNews

Add the following code in the begining of your web page:

if($action == "search" || $dosearch == "yes")
     $action = "search";
     $dosearch = "yes";
     include("cutenews/search.php");  //Change path to Cute News  location

Add the following code in the html section of your web page:


Parameters and Variables to Customize News Display in CuteNews

Following are some of the parameters you can use to display your news in a custom way:


Add a dotted line using Css

  1. Copy the image http://www.w3courses.com/images/grey_dot.gif to your images folder.
  2. Add the following code to your css file
     FONT-SIZE: 1px; BACKGROUND: url(images/grey_dot.gif) repeat-x left 50%; HEIGHT: 1px! important


Try Catch Statements for Error Handling in Asp.Net & C#

Error handling in Classic ASP was not the best. ASP.NET has a new error handling mechanism which was already in other languages such as C, C++ and JAVA. It is called the try...catch mechanism, which is also known as "Exception Handling".

This article provides insight about exception handling on the basis of ASP.NET and C# as code behind.