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Send Email Attachments from a Form using Asp.Net and C#

In order to send email attachements from a form, we first upload the file to a temporary location on the server. We then attach the file to the email message, execute the mail message to sent he email and finally delete the file from the temporary location.

Please follow the following steps to add attchment funtionality to you Asp.Net form using C#.


How to Solve CuteNews Backslash Problem


Create a Checkbox List Web Control Using Asp.Net & C#

The CheckBoxList control creates a multiselection check box group. To specify items that you want to appear in the CheckBoxList control, place a ListItem element for each entry between the opening and closing tags of the CheckBoxList control. The CheckBoxList control can be dynamically generated using data binding as well.


Add an Automatic / Dynamic Copyrighted Year Message in PHP

Instead of manually updating the copyrighted message every year, you can add a dynamic and automatic copyrighted year message at the bottom of your website. To do so, include the following code at the bottom of your php files just before the body tag.

      $year= date('Y');
      echo("Copyrighted &copy;$year W3courses.com");


Check Windows Service Pack (SP) Version and Build

You can check the service pack version and build number of any windows operating system by performing the following steps:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Type winver and press Enter to display a window with system information.


How to Check SQL Server Version and Service Pack (SP)

To find the service pack installed on your SQL Server, open the Query Analyzer or ISQL or OSQL. Connect to your server and execute the following command:


Solution to Multiple Categories Problem / Error in CuteNews

When you assign an article to multiple categories and then list each category to see the articles belonging to those categories. The article assigned to multiple category does not display. The problem can be solved by performing the following steps:


How to Get Rid of Content Management Powered by CuteNews Message

You can get rid of the Content Management Powered by CuteNews message by registring the product with CutePHP. To do so, visit http://cutephp.com/cutenews/register/

Click on Continue Ordering CuteNews and follow the steps to place your order.



Printing Hello World and Numbers From 1 to 11 in C Programming

The following code prints hello world and numbers from 1 to 11


Source Code for Math Functions Sin Cos Tan ArcTan Absolute Value in C Programming

Following is the source code for math functions Absolute Value, Sin, Cos, Tan, and ArcTan:

#include <math.h>
        printf("%d %d\n",abs(-4),abs(5));
        printf("%f %f %f\n",sin(1/6.0*M_PI),cos(1/6.0*M_PI),tan(1/6.0*M_PI));