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World War Z Movie Review and Summary

Rating: B+, 86% of the Audience likes this movie

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.



Kate Upton goes Topless on a Horse

Kate Upton goes Topless on a Horse. Yes, Kate Upton topless... This post might be the the biggest, most important update of the year, LOL. Kate Upton recently slipped out of her top for a photoshoot on the back of a horse. Thinking she could keep her breasts covered by her hand, she lost control of those things. Whoops! TMZ, amazingly, was there to capture this wonderful, not-very-safe-for-work event. Because TMZ is literally everywhere. Now the world has been gifted with a Kate Upton topless video.

Checkout the video at


Funny Road Signs

Some of the Funniest Road Signs. Enjoy!


16 Types of People on Facebook

Are you a Gamer? A Thief? A Liker? Find out which one you are and then comment below to share with the others. Don't be shy, you might have a lot in common with the others.


Humans building relationship with Whale Sharks in Indonesia

British photographer Steve Jones submerged himself in the water to capture the relationship that has developed between man and whales sharks. Locals Indonesian peninsula of West Papua have struck up a bond with the monster fish, which can measure up to 12m in length. Fishermen hand feed them and even leap into the water to cut them free should they get caught in fishing nets.


When did Today's Models Become Hotter than Models from 1960s and 1970s

Don't today's models look Anorexic as compared to models from 1960s and 1970s? How come our society thinks today's models are hotter than the models from 1960s and 1907s?


Palm Reading: Signs Relating to Love, Marriage, and Children

The palm reading marriage line is a tiny line that has a huge impact on an individual’s life, and is easy to overlook. It is not as deeply etched into the palm as the lifeline or the heart line. One theory is that lines change during the course of a lifetime and the palm reading marriage line could be read differently at different stages of a person’s life.


Palm Reading: How to Read Palms and Major Lines

The palm generally consists of the Major Lines, Secondary Lines, and Minor Lines. 

A palm with numerous fine lines in addition to the Major Lines indicates a rather complex, sensitive personality that is especially vulnerable to outside influences and worries. In general, the fewer the lines, the more straightforward a person is. These people live their lives in a more direct and simple manner. 

The Major Lines:


Palm Reading: Flexibility of Thumb Signifies Easy-Going vs Stubborn Person

How flexible is the thumb? The flexibility of the thumb is thought to measure how adaptable a person is. The more flexible the thumb, the more easy-going the character is. A lack of flexibility suggests an obstinate person.

Does the thumb have a "waist"? If the thumb narrows in the base phalange of the thumb, the person is thought to employ tact and diplomacy in his or her relations with others.