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The Scrum Framework is designed for teams of three to nine developers and breaks down work into small fixed duration called Sprints.

A User Story creates a simplified description of a software development requirement. The user story describes the type of user, what the user wants, and why.

While estimating work using story points, a point value is assigned to each item.

Using the first option, you can Install Play Memories App and use wifi yo import the pictures and videos.

Scrum is used in the software development process where team members with varied amount of knowledge work together while Kanban is used to support a system where team members have specialized knowl

While Scrum divides work into sprints that last a fixed amount of time, Kanban allows continuous workflow. Kanban does not categorize or display work in stages.

Scrum Master is also responsible for removing any obstacles in the way of the development team to deliver the product. Scrum Master however is not a traditional team lead or project manager.

Product Owner is responsible for insuring that the team delivers value to the business. The Product Owner defines the product in language of the customer typically known as User Stories.

Product development based on Agile Development Framework uses User Stories to capture custom


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