The items from product backlog are then included in Sprints based on the priority with high priority items included in the early sprint and lower priority items scheduled for later sprints.

A User Story creates a simplified description of a software development requirement. Let’s dig into everything about User Stories:

Sprints breaks software product development work into small increments that minimize the amount of up-front planning and design.

Waterfall methodology follows the particular phases of software development in order. The phases include Requirements, Design, Coding, Testing, and Deployment.

The Burn Down Chart is a graphical display that shows the amount of work remaining at a given time

The vertical axis in the Burn Up chart shows the amount of work and the horizontal axis shows the time. Burn Up chart is usually a line chart displaying two lines.

In a Burn Down chart, the vertical axis shows the amount of work and the horizontal axis shows the

While traditional teams are based on hierarchy and bureaucracy, Agile teams are flat including

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