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Verizon will soon get iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

According to the latest Bloomberg report; Verizon Wireless should start selling Apple’s iPhone in January. With the release of the new iPhone 4, this could be a smart move. Even with all of the negative feedback lately on the antenna issues and shattered screens, people still want an iPhone.  AT&T is all that stands  in the way of huge masses of people from switching to an iPhone. The bad part is that users will have to choose from the Droid X or the iPhone 4 which are both great phones.

Apple introduced FaceTime at the WWDC10. Many people cannot use FaceTime because their family and friends are on different carriers who do not offer the iPhone 4. If the rumor is true and Verizon does sell the iPhone 4 this will be a dream come true for many.  AT&T will lose a large percentage of their customers who will migrate over to Verizon. We will see what happens. There have been too many Verizon/iPhone rumors to count.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Wait for the release of the iPhone 5 in June of 2011, and you will be able to get it both on AT&T and Verizon. Regardless of how much of a snafu the iPhone 4 has been for Apple, releasing the iPhone 5 on its heels seems like a desperation play from a company that saw its profits soar 78% in 2010 alone. The iPhone 4 bumper has proved to be a reasonable work-around for the antenna issue, so why not let people just enjoy their iPhone 4 for a year, and when the summer of 2011 rolls around, we can get excited about the iPhone 5?