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Why is One Breast Bigger than the Other?

In the early stages of puberty, it is not unusual for one breast to be noticeably larger than the other. Young girls aren’t always told this, however, leading many to worry that they’re going to be “lopsided” forever. Breast size usually evens out within a year or so, although most adult women’s breasts are slightly different in size. Unless the difference is significant, padding the bra cup for the smaller side is frequently considered a satisfactory solution.

However, sometimes the difference in size is very pronounced. This condition, asymmetrical breasts, is more common than you might think. The situation occasionally resolves itself, but if not, some young women may want to pursue plastic surgery.

However, any such operation should be delayed until at least six to twelve months after breast growth has stopped, usually a minimum of one year following the first menstrual period. The standard approach among physicians is to see young patients every six months for several years, then assess whether the option of surgery should be offered.